About Anwuli 

Hello! I'm Anwuli Chukwurah (An-woo-lee Choo-koo-ra) and welcome to Woolichooks

Woolichooks allows me to use my creative and analytical skills to solve whatever problems individuals, aspiring and existing business owners may have about their idea. My goal is to always leave my clients with the skill and confidence needed to make their idea or business fly.

About Woolichooks

I provide back-office and design services. Back-office services include business plan, strategy, finance, and technology process setup. I also provide a variety of design services that range from logo design to total branding. If people just want to talk through their business, I provide sessions where clients can pick my brain for the hour or several hours. It's up to you.

Fun Fact:

I have never watched the actual Lord of the Ring movies. But, I have watched the behind-the-scenes for each movie.  :)

Contact Me

If you would like to have a chat, you can say hello@woolichooks.com. If you want to see where I've gone to school, you can check out my LinkedIn.

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